LSAT FlexPrep

Fred Johnson, HMA Corporation
"I have looked at all the courses for a year now. It came down to this and Test Masters... not having to waste time traveling and going to classes was the difference. We would've paid the full price."

Casey Landis. East Lansing, MI
"My first practice test was a dismal 152, however my last practice was a 172... I spent a lot of time studying with my peers who were currently enrolled in the Kaplan program. For the amount of money they spent they should be rather agitated. Their program was no better than yours. The methods they were given were in most cases the same, and at other times their systems were far worse. The price of your program is indeed a deal."

Matthew P. Ward
"I must say that the course amply prepared me and gave me the sense of confidence that is absolutely necessary for the exam. I received a 163, 90th percentile. I feel that is mostly attributed to the advice of LSAT FlexPrep™, and I am more than willing to recommend it to my friends in the future. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

C. Aviles
"My favorite aspect of the tapes was the step-by-step review of each question. The pre-test anxiety was lessened given that LSAT FlexPrep™ outlined what I could expect on the actual exam. I enrolled with another prep-course, Kaplan, prior to viewing the LSAT FlexPrep™ videos and the difference between the two programs was significant. With the first course, it seemed like the instructor was speaking a foreign language, and I was overwhelmed by the large amount of information that was crammed over the course of five days. With LSAT FlexPrep™ videos, I had the option to work at my own pace and the information was presented gradually. The difference between my practice scores before and after LSAT FlexPrep™ was a dramatic improvement. In fact, I was admitted to several law schools in my area including my first choice."

Carroll Price
"I think the most valuable part was the real LSAT questions you provided for me to practice on. I have not received my results yet, but I know that I did better with your program than without it. My compliments!!!"

Christopher Andrew Bauer, BYU
"I took the LSAT only days ago and felt confident and relaxed as I answered the questions. I believe your program played a significant role in my feeling that way during the test. I felt comfortable responding to questions similar to one I had seen before...ΎThe video segments, however, presented ideas that would have been very difficult to learn in a text, and I feel they were key in helping me to understand the prinicples involved. I believe in many cases it was the explanations on the video that helped me to really 'get inside' the questions and understand the reasoning behind them. I took several practice tests, the first of which I made a score of 150. Near the end of my preparation for the actual LSAT, my scores on practice tests were ranging from 165 to 171."

Kieth D. Ward
"Every time I study my confidence level increases, and if you can believe it, I'm actually looking forward to taking the LSAT next month! I honestly believe that by the time the 'rubber meets the road' on December 4th, I will have received the best possible LSAT preparation - thanks to you."

Mike Pappas
"I used the Princeston home study course to prepare for my first attempt at the LSAT. I used the course exactly as they directed. I was very disappointed when I got my scores back and saw 149. It was horrible. I was afraid that I would never get into law school. Luckily, my advisor told me about your program. I started the very next day and did the whole course in two weeks. I was more confident about my performance than I had been on any test in my life. A few weeks later I received my scores in the mail. When I looked inside, I was delighted to see a score of 161. I had raised my score 12 whole points by just doing your course. I know that I would have done even better if I had been able to do the course as directed."

Joni Clifton
"I was familiar enough with the test content that nothing surprised me at all on the day of the test. I also didn't have to waste any time reading directions..."

Stephanie N. Vance
"I had been working with two other LSAT books before I tried your program. Each of the books left me frustrated and confused. My scores increased dramatically with the LSAT FlexPrep™ materials and instructors."

Tony Ramey
"I am almost through the entire course and the materials are superior to any other text book I have reviewed. Especially the Princeston review book someone gave me. Thanks..."

J.B., Western Kentucky University
"I wish I had this kind of training when I took the SAT. Also, at one time I was enrolled in a Kaplan course but withdrew my tuition when I found LSAT FlexPrep™."

"...I have discovered to very positive aspects. The first is that you can do it at your leisure. It isn't necessary that you have to try and fit in and attend four hours of class, twice a week. It is so convenient to be able to take classes and study on your time, at your speed, and according to your schedule. The second positive aspect of LSAT FlexPrep™ is that you can review any of the classes, topics, or problem areas as many times as you wish and whenever you wish. It is a definite plus to be able to review any difficult areas as frequently as you want."

K.T., Webster University
"I have found the program to be quite user friendly and informative in my studying for the LSAT. The directions are step-by-step and easy to follow. The ability to take this course at my own pace sets it far apart from on site live LSAT review courses."

"Being able to do it at home will be so much more convenient for me. Since I work and attend school and have a small daughter, it is perfect for me. With it, I do not have to worry about traveling to a lecture hall, or getting a babysitter, or finding time that I do not have. I can simply do it here in the comfort of my own home and on my own schedule."

"I thought the program was very helpful. I was prepared with what to expect on the LSAT Test. I liked it a lot. It definitely made a difference in my score. The program was fantastic!"

S.P., Widener University
"I really enjoyed the LSAT FlexPrep™ program. It made a profound difference. The LSAT questions are great and they helped me out a lot in preparing for the LSAT... It is a really great course."