LSAT FlexPrep
How law schools determine who gets in:
Law school submission requires your college transcripts, LSAT score and a personal statement. They then compile an index number for each applicant based upon a formula combining your GPA and LSAT score. Many schools rate your LSAT score as much as 70% while rating your GPA only 30%. The LSAT could mean more to your admittance than all the hard work and commitment you put into college. That’s the reason we developed LSAT FlexPrep™- Because nothing is more important than achieving your best score possible.

We believe working with actual LSAT questions is fundamental to your preparation. It makes absolutely no sense to study from an LSAT preparation course where the questions are not real LSAT questions. That’s why LSAT FlexPrep™ uses only real LSAT questions and nothing else. We have dissected and analyzed thousands of real LSAT questions. We know exactly what to teach, and how to teach it to help improve your standing in the LSAT.

Much of your improvement and success comes from understanding the concepts behind the questions. That’s why LSAT FlexPrep™ focuses on each LSAT section, dissects it, then explains it better any other program available. And even a small improvement can go a long way to increasing your probability of law school acceptance. An improvement of just 3.5 correct answers per section can raise your score from the 50th percentile to the 80th; from the 70th to the 90th; from the 80th to the 93rd.

One of the worst ways to learn is to sit in a huge room with hundreds of people, listening to an instructor (qualified or not) who presents a test preparation lecture once or twice each year. We feel the best way to prepare for the LSAT is in an environment you are comfortable with, on your own time, at your own pace. We combine lectures, practice exams, homework and assignments using 100% real LSAT questions, presented by experienced attorney instructors who are experts on the LSAT and its idiosyncrasies.

Until someone comes along and copies the LSAT FlexPrep™ system, we remain your only source for a program that can help you to get your best possible LSAT score with the least amount of travel time, the most accommodating schedule, at a price that is just slightly more than a good textbook.