System Requirements
System Requirements
Premium Package$299.95
Standard Package$199.95

Compare to Kaplan and other courses that cost $400 to $900.

Thorough and Efficient Training

  • We reviewed thousands of actual SAT & ACT exams and questions.
  • We know what will be on the test.
  • Let us show you!
   Content: The eKnowledge SAT & ACT Power Prep Programs were designed to cover and track every testable point. Studying with us will give you confidence knowing you have covered every topic and every question-type that could possibly appear on your SAT or ACT exam.

Structure: We divided the video workshops into 120 interactive, multimedia mini-lessons. This allows you to group your test preparation into logically organized, short study periods. This maximizes your study time and eliminates inefficiencies. You simply work your way through the segments-watch a segment and do the associated practice questions and then move on to the next segment. Also the program allows you to easily track your progress. Following this systematic program you will cover every topic and question-type possible on the SAT or ACT exam. This kind of study creates confidence!
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Two ways to prepare:

   1. Comprehensive Preparation

Watch every segment and do every practice question and quiz-this will guarantee you have learned every concept, topic, and question-type the SAT or ACT exam makers could present. Then practice what you have learned using actual exams from official SAT/ACT study guides.

   2. Targeted Preparation

Already know where you need help? Use the program to target the areas you want to improve. Do the practice questions for each segment. When you get to a question that gives you trouble-stop and watch the workshop associated with that segment. Then practice what you have learned using selections from official SAT/ACT study guides.
It couldn't be any easier.


   Watch and learn at your convenience. Eliminate travel time and costs.

Unbelievable Value

10+ Hours of targeted systematically organized and segmented video workshops, 40+ hours of class work. Complete printable outlines of every concept and subject. Hundreds of practice and quiz questions all with instructor led video/audio explanatory answers. Note taking capacity included with the program.


  • The BEST Teachers
  • The BEST Organization
  • The MOST Convenient
  • The BEST Price
  • The BEST Program
Save time, money, and energy!
Get the SAT or ACT score you want and deserve!

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