LSAT FlexPrep

What does the course provide?
  • Practice with hundreds of actual LSAT questions.
  • Approaches for every type of LSAT question.
  • Tips, strategies and methodologies that have worked for thousand of test takers over the last 10 years.
  • Opportunity to rethink the way you approach the LSAT and understand your logical and critical reasoning so you can improve and sharpen and reach your LSAT potential.

What materials are available?
  • Course syllabus which guides you step by step through the program. Schedules are provided for beginning preparation 1, 2, or 3 months in advance of the test.
  • A comprehensive 56 hour program on 6 video CD Roms or 9 VHS tapes. Detailed video workshops, drills, timing and comprehension and practice exam, all with explanatory answers, cover every subject and question type.
  • Over 700 pages of detailed workshops, homework, and timing and comprehension drills in each area of the LSAT and all based on real LSAT questions. The written/printed materials are all keyed to the video classroom work. Includes two extra full-length simulated LSAT tests for additional practice.

Who are the instructors?
The multimedia video presentations allow us to provide the absolute best instruction, instructors, and content—all produced with one single goal—providing you with the best possible LSAT preparation program. Our instructors are experienced attorney educators. They know all of the essential elements to the test and understand your goals to attend law school and to become a lawyer. Those insights are invaluable to you. Click here to learn more about the instructors.

What does the program consist of?
The program begins with a detailed explanation of the LSAT. It is then divided into four video workshops: Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Writing. After learning the details of a section and working on many real LSAT questions in the classroom/workshop environment, you move into homework that you do and grade with the video. Finally, the you transition from workshops and homework to timing and comprehension, where you'll work on your speed.

In the video workshop, the professor will walk through the topic in minute detail, dissecting and analyzing the underlying concepts tested by the section and each question type, then he will show you how those question types are used. Following that instruction, you will apply that knowledge to actual LSAT questions, working through them one at a time. After completing a question, return to the classroom video and watch along with the instructor to verify that your answer is correct, and most importantly that your reasoning is correct. The workshops include many actual LSAT questions with detailed explanatory answers led by video instructor. Next you will enter the timing and comprehension portion of each section. In these portions you will work on groups of questions to get faster. After completing a group of questions, you will return to the video lecture and/or the printed materials to verify your answers and your analysis.

The program also includes two full length real LSAT tests so the student can test both their understanding and their speed.

What are the workshops like?
There is a workshop for each section of the LSAT. In these workshops you will learn the details about how to understand and approach these kinds of questions. You learn FLEXPREP™ approaches for every question type and then you work through the actual LSAT questions with the instructor, using the approaches you learned in the workshop. The instructor reviews each question in detail, using the appropriate approach so that you understand the correct answer, why it is correct, and why each of the other answer choices are incorrect. You will follow this pattern repeatedly until the approaches become automatic.

What is the most important part of the course?
The in-class homework drills reinforce what you learn in the workshops. The instructor will lead you through one actual LSAT question at a time. Once you complete each question, your instructor will show you the correct approach and thought process needed to choose the correct answer and why each other answer choice is incorrect. During this session you should take whatever time is necessary to work through the questions one at a time, returning to the video to verify that you got the right answer, using the correct approach, for the right reason, and that you understood why each of the other answer choices were incorrect. This is the crux of the program. This is where your learning takes hold and you begin to make those incremental changes we have talked about [Parable of the turtles and runners]. If you are serious about improvement, then you will follow this process, which is not easy, but is well worth it. During this process, you are not only analyzing questions, but you are also analyzing your own logical reasoning processes. Unless you go through this exercise methodically, and with the intent to understand your own thinking, you are likely to continue making repetitive mistakes. The improvements you make in this process will go with you to the exam. This is how 3.5 questions per section improvements will happen. This is how youκre percentile ranking will be raised. If you roll up your sleeves and dig in to really understand every question, answer choice, and approach, then it will result in your highest potential score on test day. Guaranteed!

What are timing and comprehension drills?
After the in-class homework sessions, you will work on your timing and comprehension drills, continuing to work with real LSAT questions. You continue practicing the approaches learned in the workshops and homework drills, but now you add the element of speed and timing. All of the questions include in-depth explanatory answers for both correct and incorrect choices.